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Our Background

This Company has been in existence asa family owned and managed company since 1936. The business was first established by Mr. H.J.C.Wolfswinkel in 1936 as a one man show. In 1971 he registered his business as H.J.Wolfswinkel (Pty) Ltd. with himself, two sons and two of hisforemen as directors. The Company has always been involved in both new work as well as renovation of existing buildings. On new buildings we were and still are employed mainly as sub-contractors working with all the Major contractors around at any given time, and with renovations of existing buildings, as Main Contractors in our own right.

We have also been part of the Master Builders Association before and since being registered as a Pty Ltd. with Mr. Wolfswinkel Snr. serving on the executive of the Master Builders Association from around 1967 until his retirement in 1990.His grandson and current MD of H.J. Wolfswinkel (Pty) Ltd., Mr. Hennie Wolfswinkel, has also been serving on the executive committee of the GMBA since 1990 and is still currently an executive member of the Gauteng Master Builders Association as representative for the painting industry.

The Company has boasted with the highest number of black craftsmen for many years and still have in it's employment our last two remaining black Craftsmen from the Bifsa era,as well as a number of registered specified skills employees from the same Bifsa training and registration scheme. Around 40 % of our personnel have been with the company for more than 20 years.Since the unfortunate collapse and subsequent closureof the formal Industry-led Bifsa Training Colleges, we have been very much dependent on doing our own in-house training and advancement.

This we are able to achieve quite successfully due to the fact that we still retain the services of sufficient qualified people to assist in the training of younger persons entering the industry or joining the Company, many of whom have some basic skills but lack “finishing-hand” quality.We are certainly very proud of thelevel of competence throughout our workforce, from our General Workers all the way up to our Artisans, Foremen, General Foreman and Administrative personnel.

On average we employ a permanent workforce of about 40 people, consisting of around 20 general workers and semi skilled painters, 15 qualified painters and 5 general foremen.
Administration is handled by Hennie Wolfswinkel (MD), Hein Wolfswinkel( General Works Administration, Site and safety Admin, Site manager) Hendrie Wolfswinkel (Project and Site Manager) and Renée de Lange (previously Wolfswinkel) (Finance and Secretary).